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We manufacture Sports Uniforms for Basketball , Roller-Derby,Soccer, Netball, Rugby, TouchFooty, AFL, Little Athletics, Hockey, and we also manufacture Year end School wear so, please have a look around our website.We custom make Basketball Uniforms, ask for our "Pure Dry" fabric exclusive to us.
Get maximum performance and comfort with our "Pure Dry Fabric" its light weight and popular with our customers. We aim for the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction so if there is something that you cannot find or understand then please do not hesitate to contactus.

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We are Australian owned and manufacture our Basketball Uniforms, Netball Uniforms and other sportswear garments in Australia which come with a 3 year guarantee, NOT like our competitors who don't manufacture any products here but import all their products from overseas (we do sell some imported good). All prices are in AUD$.


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